MoviePass left customers' credit card numbers exposed on unprotected server

MoviePass , the cinema subscription service that's gone from "This is too good to be true" to " What is even going on I'm so tired " in a series of reinventions, has had another setback. 
The company left thousands of customer card details, and tens of thousands of customers' credit card details, visible on a server that was not password protected, according to a security research firm. 
The database, which a reporter from TechCrunch observed "growing in real time ," contained more than 161 million records and counting, ranging from logging details generated in the course of a normal running day to unencrypted user details. Credit or debit card details were available, too, including card numbers, expiration dates, cardholder names, and billing addresses in plaintext. Read more... More about Data Breach , Moviepass , Tech , and Cybersecurity

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