Uber drivers experienced sexual assault almost as often as riders, Uber's safety study shows

The numbers are bleak in Uber's first safety report in the U.S.
Released Thursday, the ride-hailing app's voluntary report looked at two years' of Uber data concerning traffic fatalities, physical assault, and sexual assault that occurred across 2.3 billion U.S.-based rides from 2017 through 2018. 
In the report, Uber broke down sexual assault into five categories, including non-consensual sexual penetration, or rape. 
All types of sexual assault were included in the report — like attempted rape and non-consensual touching of a sexual body part. 
The document listed 229 rapes in 2017 and 235 in 2018. Across both years, 31 drivers reported rapes, alongside 429 riders, or 8 and 92 percent of rapes reported, respectively.  Read more... More about Uber , Sexual Assault , Ride Hailing Apps , Sexual Violence , and Tech

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