President Trump's Club Mar-a-Lago Is Throwing an Election Night Party For Hundreds of People

President Trump is reportedly watching election returns from the White House with Vice President Mike Pence, but hundreds of his supporters will gather at his private club in Palm Beach, Mar-a-Lago, according to two sources familiar with the fete. All of the club’s members, more than 400, are invited to attend the soiree on Tuesday night which will be held in the main ballroom. The event will be at half capacity for the evening’s festivities, which will be around 350 people, according to one person familiar with the plans.  Tables will be socially distanced and dinner will consist of “classic dishes” like steak and seafood, according to the source. Masks are required when guests are not seated at their tables. Palm Beach County requires that facial coverings be worn indoors according to their website.   VICE News reached out to Mar-a-Lago Club for comment, who referred the request to the Trump Organization, which did not immediately return a request for comment.  As the famed social season in Palm Beach kicks off, this will not be the first event at the president’s club, after hosting Lincoln Day dinners recently. A Halloween party is expected tomorrow.  Trump reportedly won’t attend a planned election night party at his Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC. The New York Times notes that the reason for the change in plans is unknown, but added that the event might violate local law limiting gatherings to 50 people. Another top Trump supporter told VICE News that the whole plan may be off and the event is “up in the air.” During the midterm election in 2018, a slew of top donors and elected officials gathered at the Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC to watch returns—and celebrate wins like Governor Ron DeSantis’ in Florida. This year, things are shaping up differently—and some top Republicans are in no mood for partying. “I will not be at any party. I will be locked in a closet all alone with a small TV like Joaquin Phoenix in ‘Signs,’ praying that this President wins re-election and continues to make America a safe and prosperous land for generations to come,” said Blair Brandt, a Florida Co-Chair of Trump Victory Finance Committee. “This isn’t entertainment to me; this is the future of our country and it’s extremely important.”

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