Kevin McHale recalls playing a pizza delivery boy on 'The Office'

Remember when Michael Scott ordered pizza from Pizza by Alfredo's instead of Alfredo's Pizza Cafe?
It was mistake of epic proportions, and not just because Pizza by Alfredo's pizza tastes like a circle of hot garbage. The mixup also ended with a coupon disagreement and Michael taking a teenage pizza delivery boy hostage in the conference room for the day.
On the latest episode of the Office Ladies podcast Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey chatted about the second half of the Season 4 episode, "Launch Party." (You may recall the last episode was about that fan-favorite DVD logo cold open .) The two talked about Alfredo-related restaurants around the country and also caught up with actor Kevin McHale — who you likely know from Glee — about what it was like playing The Office 's pizza delivery boy and filming scenes with Steve Carell. Read more... More about The Office , Office Ladies Podcast , Entertainment , Celebrities , and Movies Tv Shows

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