6 of the best Python courses for aspiring programmers

Dutch computer scientist Guido van Rossum decided to take on a fun little side project over the Christmas break in 1989: building a new programming language. The one he used in projects at work was overcomplicated and clunky, but he thought he could use some of its better features to create something more forgiving, flexible, and easier to read.
Van Rossen developed his language mostly in his free time over the course of the next year, eventually deciding to name it "Python" after the British comedy series Monty Python's Flying Circus , whose published scripts he was reading at the time of its implementation. In the years since, it's basically become the Holy Grail of general-purpose programming languages. Read more... More about Tech , Software , Coding , Python , and Mashable Shopping

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2021 Complete Python Bootcamp From Zero to Hero in Python

This fast-paced course is a clear favourite for Python rookies who want to learn how to code in their free time.

Platform: Udemy

List price: £59.99

Instructor(s): Jose Portilla, head of data science at Pierian Data Inc.

Prerequisites: None

Class duration: 22 hours, 3 minutes (self-paced)

Certificate of completion: Yes

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Programming for Everybody (Getting Started with Python)

A free-to-audit option makes this acclaimed Python course one of the best deals in online learning.

Platform: Coursera

List price: Free to audit

Instructor(s): Dr. Charles Russell Severance, clinical professor at the University of Michigan School of Information

Prerequisites: Basic math knowledge, moderate computer experience

Class duration: Approx. 19 hours divided up over 7 weeks (set start date with flexible deadlines)

Certificate of completion: No

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The Python Bible: Everything You Need to Program in Python

It doesn't go beyond the basics, but this video-based class is excellent at showing students the clear potential for Python's use in the real world.

Platform: Udemy

List price: £99.99

Instructor(s): Ziyad Yehia, CEO and core instructor at Internet of Things Academy

Prerequisites: None

Class duration: 9 hours, 8 minutes (self-paced)

Certificate of completion: Yes

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Automate the Boring Stuff with Python Programming

This quick-hit course will show you how Python can take the tedium out of business tasks.

Platform: Udemy

List price: £49.99

Instructor(s): Al Sweigart, software developer, UI designer, and tech book author

Prerequisites: Basic computer skillls

Class duration: 9 hours, 30 minutes (self-paced)

Certificate of completion: Yes

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Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python

This in-depth MIT offering presents a good challenge if you already have a grasp on Python basics.

Platform: edX

List price: Free

Instructor(s): John Guttag, professor of computer science and electrical engineering at MIT; Eric Grimson, professor of medical engineering and computer science at MIT; and Ana Bell, lecturer on computer science and electrical engineering at MIT

Prerequisites: Secondary school algebra and a "reasonable aptitude" for math; students with no programming background will experience a higher learning curve

Class duration: 9 weeks (recommended: 14 to 16 hours/week) with set learning schedule

Certificate of completion: Yes, for £50

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Python Development TechDegree

This online bootcamp places a high value on peer-to-peer feedback and staff support, so you're building a network along with a portfolio.

Platform: Treehouse

List price: £140/month

Instructor(s): Kenneth Love, Python engineer; Treasure Porth, web developer; Craig Dennis, backend developer; Jay McGavren, developer and author; Ashley Boucher, software developer; and Megan Amendola, UX designer and software developer

Prerequisites: None

Class duration: 2 to 5 months (self-paced)

Certificate of completion: Yes

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