9 hidden references that stand out in the Simpsons x Star Wars mash-up on Disney+

Does the idea of Maggie Simpson cavorting with BB-8 and lightsaber binky-dueling her very own Darth Maul — it's obviously her longtime nemesis, unibrowed baby Gerald Samson — sound delightful? If so, then you're the target audience for Disney's "May the 4th"-inspired Simpsons x Star Wars short, The Force Awakens from its Nap .
I'm not gonna lie to you folks The Simpsons makes me tired in 2021. It ran out of steam long ago and has nowadays morphed into an overly self-aware pop culture reference factory. Star Wars is in a similar boat. There's a lot to love in Disney's move to embrace a younger and more diverse audience, but I need a break after the nine-part saga's lackluster finish in 2019 . Read more... More about Star Wars , The Simpsons , Disney Plus , Entertainment , and Star Wars

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